Mets Home Opener

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So when it comes to Mets home opening games I guess it’s safe to say I’m the designated feature hunter. There’s nothing I love more than to know there’s little pressure on me to produce “the shot”, I feel like … Continue reading

California Dreams

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Covering the Belmont Stakes had never been more exciting. While this was not the first time I covered the race with a Triple Crown contender, the energy and enthusiasm generated by California Chrome was unlike anything I had ever experienced … Continue reading

Fallen Marine

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I’m starting to believe that I have become  the official funeral photographer at my paper, I get asked to shoot them even on my days off. I have to admit I’ve always expressed how I love to shoot these events … Continue reading

The Belmont Stakes

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  Horses, fancy hats, the smell of grilled sausages and cigars combined, complete strangers bonding together with their hopes and dreams lying in the back of a horse and its jockey. The Belmont Stakes is a feast for a photographer’s … Continue reading