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Fallen Marine

I’m starting to believe that I have become  the official funeral photographer at my paper, I get asked to shoot them even on my days off. I have to admit I’ve always expressed how I love to shoot these events despite  the emotional toll they take on me. I know it sounds weird, but bear with me. What I love most about what I do for a living is that through photography I understand the world. Through my lens I can almost say I feel connected to my subjects and their emotions, whether they are of joy or in this case unbearable pain. I really value the opportunity to be able witness humanity at it’s most vulnerable state. I feel that images like these portray the outcry of love for the life that was lost and that by sharing them these emotions are then transmitted into the viewer connecting all of us for a brief moment, a one thousandth of a second when we remember, we reflect and honor a life that has come to its end.

Today we honored Marine Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley Jr. who was fatally shot while serving in Afghanistan.

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