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Ignorance is bliss

I’ve covered the aftermath of a couple of hurricanes but never really been through one. So when I heard a category 1 was approaching I thought  “no big deal, it shouldn’t be that bad”. I stocked on supplies (mainly gatorade and beef jerky) that’s how I made it through Katrina for a week I thought it will work for a couple of days. I dropped my kids off at a safe and undisclosed location and headed towards Long Beach thinking it was going to be hit pretty hard. I chose to ignore my family’s pleas for me not to go, they don’t trust my inner danger sensor, and after this weekend, neither do I.

I began working on Saturday afternoon at the beach, waiting for rain, wind and some monstrous waves. My plan was…I really had no plan, I knew if I left I wasn’t going to able to get back in, so I was determined to ride it out (not very smart) luckily for me, my friend and colleague Jimmy, a Long Beach resident, spotted me at the beach and offered his home for the night, it became both our refuge and headquarters.

After a couple of hours of sleep, we headed out early in the morning waiting for the storm to make landfall. We found ourselves at the boardwalk at the moment the waves breached it. My adrenaline could have kept me there forever, but a promise to my daughter reminded me it was time to head to a safer place.

Thankfully Irene wasn’t what New Yorkers were expecting, it hit us downgraded to a tropical storm which at the moment I could’ve sworn was a category 20. It came and went leaving some power lines down many flooded streets and a priceless lesson in hurricanes and their categories. One thing is for sure, I wont stay to find out what a category 2 feels like.

Here are some photos from before during and after.


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    Awesome pics and delightful words!!!

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