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Mets Photo Day

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of stress this day brings on me. It involves a 4am wake up call which is just usually the end of a sleepless night where if I get any sleep at all is just to dream that I missed the event all together.

Every year during Spring Training the players get to wear the squeaky clean uniforms for a day where they give their best smiles (or not), some of them just refuse to smile at all, as they parade down a line up of some of the best photographers in the business. We arrive at the field around 5am for a two hour set up, where for me, anything that could go wrong, usually goes wrong.
After a couple of panic attacks and with the help of some of my dear colleagues who just remind me to take deep breaths and turn the “on” button on, I realize things will be ok, I get my act together and prepare to spend a whole 30 seconds with each player. Here are the results…





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