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I started my career as a photographer not too long before the events of September 11, and for the next couple of years after that I can remember covering police and firefighter funerals almost on a weekly basis. I was … Continue reading


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It’s pronounced Xin Nian Kuai Le and it means Happy New Year in Chinese. That’s how 6 year-old Shu Wu explained it to me after having me repeat it for more than five times trying to get my pronunciation right. … Continue reading


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Yes, that’s Daniella, my daughter, and also one of my toughest subjects to photograph. She absolutely hates being photographed and claims to have been traumatized by me after I documented her first day of school from beginning to end, I … Continue reading


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  It’s hard to believe that it has been 9 years since that horrible day, the posters, the reading of the names, the tears strolling down people’s faces have certainly been the common thread of the 9/11 anniversaries. But what … Continue reading

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Today I self-assigned myself to cover the 42nd annual West Indian American Day Parade, after so many years in this city I never had the opportunity to cover this colorful spectacle, although my eardrums were completely destroyed by the loud beats of reggae and calypso my eyes were more than satisfied with hundreds of dancing masqueraders and my taste buds pleased with an impossible to resist dish of jerk chicken Continue reading