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Red, White & Puerto Rican


Who needs to travel the world when the world parades down Fifth Ave. I  mean there’s the Nigerian Parade, Pulaski Day Parade, Korean Harvest Day Parade etc, etc….with NYC being the melting pot that it is, it’s only natural that every culture gets a chance to celebrate their heritage and show their pride and I love covering every single one of them if I had the chance. For a couple of hours I get to immerse myself in a different culture and almost feel like I’m part of it. I get people posing everywhere and begging me to take their pictures which is a nice contrast to the usual “why are you taking my picture?”. Yesterday it was the Puerto Ricans’ turn. I specially love this parade because of their contagious energy,  spectators brought along the noisy vuvuzelas which one of them kindly used near my ear to catch my attention, let me just say I’m glad I rely on my eyes to make a living, cuz my  ears are gone.

Anyhow, here are some of the images of the red, white & blue sea of people that came to let New Yorkers know how proud they are to be Salsa loving Puerto Ricans.




  1. sandra

    Alejandra me encanta tu blog. Que bueno poder conocer más de NYC a través de tus espectaculares fotos. Un abrazo. Sandra Barajas

  2. David Isaza

    Hey big sister I’ve made your blog a morning ritual! I love how you capture the story, and how you pictures give me the euphoric feeling as if i was in New York again. I love you and I am super excited for our BIG CHALLENGE!!! =D =*

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