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The Belmont Stakes


Horses, fancy hats, the smell of grilled sausages and cigars combined, complete strangers bonding together with their hopes and dreams lying in the back of a horse and its jockey. The Belmont Stakes is a feast for a photographer’s eyes and an opportunity for me to stare at people through my lens without being noticed. While I have to admit I’m not to fond of the races, I can’t help but love the culture around it and while the horse racing lovers keep their eyes on the finish line I make sure I keep mine on them.



  1. I would like to subscribe to your blog. Your work and features are amazing. Thank You!

    • Hi Kerry! thanks for your kind words.
      I don’t know how to get people to subscribe to my blog, but I have a page on facebook and I post a link every time I have a new blog post.

      Thank you! your words mean a lot to me.

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